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How to Give a Captivating Look to Cigar Packaging Boxes ?

What is the Significance of Custom Cigar Packaging Boxes?

The cigar is one of the most saleable tobacco products. Teenagers and adults consume it worldwide. Cigar users love to see their products in good packaging. Nowadays, custom cigar boxes are in trend. They are easily customized in any custom shape, size, and color. Moreover, these boxes are manufactured with food-grade material and do not harm the products. The cigar’s real aroma and freshness are maintained for a prolonged time. Furthermore, these are an effective source of brand marketing as well. Custom cigar packaging boxes with the company’s logo and slogans establish the separate identity of the brand’s products and sets it apart from the competitors. So, think out of the way with customized cigar packaging and elevate the status of the tobacco brand at a wider level.

Outstand the Outlook of Cigar Packaging with Stylish Box Designs:

Can you imagine seeing the rise of the product’s sales while presenting them in the traditional ways? No. Diversity is the key to success. Creating an exclusive wholesale cigar box can set the brand’s products apart. Consumers are bored with traditional box designs. They want to see trendy cigar packaging boxes. The box styles for cigar box packaging are :

1. Two-piece box

2. Sleeve packaging

3. Tuck end boxes

4. Counter display box

5. Cigar box with inserts

6. Seal end box

Add Personal Touch to Cigar Packaging with the Printing of the Brand’s Logo:

Cigar packaging wholesale with a logo is an effective way to move ahead in the competitive market. After seeing the printed logo on the box, tobacco consumers can easily trust your brand’s products. Furthermore, it leaves a very good impression on the clients. Your brand’s image gets imprinted in their minds for a longer time.

Create Sustainable Cigar Boxes Using Premium Quality Material:

A box manufactured with quality material is capable of appealing to clients. A product stays secure in a sustainable box. The primary cause of customized packaging is to secure the natural flavor of the cigars and keep them fresh for a prolonged time. Cigarettes have a special aroma and are available in various flavors. Therefore, using a good stock that does not harm the product’s quality becomes essential for the brand to satisfy the clients. We suggest kraft and cardboard stock. Nowadays, brown kraft paper is in demand due to its organic nature. It is sturdy, unbleached paper and is endurable to moisture, contamination, germs, etc. However, you can opt for cardboard if you have to give the custom cigar boxes a catchier and more aesthetic look.

Give A Fascinating Look to Cigar Packaging Boxes with Detailed Finishings:

Finishings and add-ons act as wonderful modifiers. They give an overall new look to the cigar box packaging. The details of the additional options are as follows:

Die-cut window:

Custom Cigar boxes with die-cut windows have the potential to impress clients. Consumers can view the cigars with the help of die-cuts without unboxing them. They can sniff the products and estimate the period of storage life. However, the PVC sheet protects against germs, contamination, and pollutants.


Tuck-end boxes seem suitable for single cigar packaging. A cigar box with compartments is a favorable option for securely keeping many cigars in an individualized box.

Gloss/ Matt lamination:

Laminations give an extra layer of covering to the box’s surface against fingerprints, marks, scratches, etc. gloss, and matt coatings.

Whom to Choose for Top-Rate Cigar Packaging Boxes for your Cigar Collection?

Looking for a reliable packaging supplier to get the best quality  cigar boxes. No need to go anywhere. iCustomBoxes is the final destination for you. Why do you have to choose us? We are top-rate packaging providers offering services for several years. Our packaging materials, printing inks, and laminations are of the best quality and climate-friendly. You can connect with our team of manufacturers and tell them the requirements regarding the box’s design. They will create a special bespoke package following the client’s instructions. Moreover, we also offer design samples if our clients request us. We also create ease for the clients by providing free shipment, quotes, plates, and die-cuts. So, please order now and take advantage of our cutting-edge services at economical prices.


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