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How to Choose a Camping Bed

A camping bed is generally made of clothes that can be stretched. They often come with foldable frames which adds a layer of portability to the beds as well. These beds are also called camping cots. These beds are designed so that they can be kept in bags, thus, doing away with the task of carrying them separately. There are also special mattresses for such beds so that you do not have to stick to just one and put off cleaning them for the moment. These beds have to be durable because they will be laid on rough terrains.

What are the Types of Camping Beds?

There are three main types of camping beds and it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you. It is not uncommon for people to carry more than one camping mattress depending on the type of adventure they will have. You will not go wrong with an all-around mattress. The three main types of mattresses are air mattresses, mattresses that can inflate on their own, and closed-cell foam. There are factors to consider such as what they will be used for and the environment. The types of mattresses have been described as follows:

  • Closed Foam Camping Mattress: These mattresses can be folded up with ease. These are the most common types of mattresses as they are cheap and also very lightweight. These mattresses are called so because they are made using a dense foam that has closed tiny air cells. These beds are usually quite light and because thickness is not one of their qualities, they are not entirely comfortable. These mattresses are a good fit for smooth terrains. Smooth areas do not need usually need thick mattresses. These beds are available in a range of colours and the thickness of some will be higher than that of others. Some also have an insulation layer making it easier to be used in colder temperatures. Closed-foam camping mattresses also tend to be heavy so they can be a tad difficult to carry.
  • Air Camping Mattress: These mattresses can be somewhat expensive because of the materials that have been used to make the same. These tents are light and can fit in your backpack easily. These beds often have a reflective layer or insulation for adding warmth. Air mattresses can be used a lot when you are camping in colder temperatures thanks to their insulation. They have several layers of thicknesses. There are air mattresses that can be inflated up to three inches and yet be kept in a backpack without any trouble. They can be blown using the mouth or a pump. Although it can be blown using the mouth, moisture can get trapped inside the mouth which can lead to the growth of mold inside the tent. Hand pumps can eliminate the possibility of mold. However, make sure that you do not pump a lot of air otherwise it can cause soreness in muscles. The pump is necessary camping gear.
  • Self-Inflating Camping Bed: These mattresses are made using strong fabrics and also offer durability. You may think these characteristics make the mattress more expensive than the ones mentioned above but it does not. On the contract, these mattresses are cheaper. A combination of air and open-cell foam. They can be a great companion for car camping as well. The firmness of these beds can be customized by optional adding and letting go of air.

Benefits of a Camping Bed

Camping beds can make or break your adventure as it is important for rest after a long day of braving unpredictable landscapes. There are several advantages of using camping beds:

  • Ease of Use: Air beds need to be inflated and deflated as and when necessary. Not only is it easy to do both, but they can be packed easily as well. You do not need a manual for setting up these beds or for setting them down and also there is no need for any additional apparatus apart from a pump for pushing air into the mattress. Some of them also come with pillows attached to them, therefore, eliminating the need for carrying pillows along with you.
  • Less Weight: Since these are mattresses, it goes without saying that they weigh less which makes them easier to fold and carry. Some mattresses come with their pumps that can weigh up to 9 to 12 kg. If you will be camping near your vehicles then these tents will be a good option but you should also consider that additional weight to the tent gives additional layers of comfort to the user.


Make sure that before you are buying a camping bed, you know the landscape that you will be going to. Sometimes the cheapest option may lack durability so to get the most comfortable mattress, you may have to spend some extra money.


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