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How Quality E-Fulfilment Can Enhance Your Brand

The very look and feel of your business is just as important as the products you sell.

From the initial clicking of the ‘Add to Basket’ button to receiving the goods, a positive “customer experience” is of paramount importance. If a customer receives goods of an incorrect size, a poorly packaged or damaged item then this will have a negative reflection upon your business. RETOUREN AUFBEREITUNG FÜR DEINE MODE The last thing a customer wants to do is to return a product, as the whole emphasis lies with “convenience shopping”.

For example, if you’re a fashion brand, you’ll know how important it is to let your packaging and quality of item do the talking. Nice touches such as a ribbon, tissue paper, branded dust bags and paperwork etc. will all help to enhance your brand and the overall buying experience. Receiving and un-wrapping an online purchase should hold the same enjoyment and excitement as being in store.

Outsourcing the physical picking and packing of your orders to an E-Fulfilment provider is a great way in which to re-enforce your brand. This is also an ideal solution for companies who wish to keep up with growing customer demand and take their business to the next level.

The advantages of outsourcing to an order fulfilment partner are far-reaching and include:

Order Picking & Packing

The last person to handle goods before distribution is an order picker/packer. Operators in fulfilment warehouses are suitably trained to ensure that sufficient care and attention is taken when picking and packing the products to a pre-agreed specification as stated by the client.


Storing your products can prove to be a real headache as both resource to handle inbound arrivals and a lack of space become all too apparent. Outsourcing the storage aspect provides “ultimate flexibility” ensuring that businesses remain both scalable and lean. Most warehouses offer tailor-made storage options for your product in a secure environment. From basic Bin Storage for small, low value parts to Bulk and racked Storage for larger items – they have it covered.


Whether it’s a single letter or multiple parcels- E-Fulfilment companies provide fast and efficient delivery. In addition, their “buying power” with the major carriers can often lead to lower delivery cost options.

Tracking & Real-time Confirmation

Customers like to be kept informed. E-Fulfilment companies provide real-time traceability to improve the online shopping experience including tracking ID`s on despatch and proof of delivery.

Returns Handling

Whilst the aim of any credible fulfilment house is for 100% “right first time” there will be some aspect of returns handling. From arranging the uplift through to QC inspection and returns credits this process is seamless. The reverse logistics engine can often prove to be difference between yourself and your competition.

Cost Reduction

Outsourced fulfilment constitutes “pay as you use” warehousing. Lower your overheads by only utilising the B- Ware waschen resource and space that you need and instead spend more time towards effective sourcing and selling.

One-Stop Shop

Multiple services, one point of contact and one simple weekly invoice means everything is handled consistently and professionally leaving you to focus on your core business.

Outsourcing storage, pick & pack to an E-Fulfilment company will not only enhance your brand, but it may also enhance your margins whilst ensuring your business remains scalable for many years to come.



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