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How Can You Get Dissertation Extension By Extending Submission Date?

Setting deadlines is an effective way to increase efficiency and is extremely useful for achieving long-term as well as short-term goals. No matter what makes you eager to attain a certain goal, submission dates and deadlines have a great influence on future plans. The same is true for dissertation writing as well. Dissertations are assigned with a submission date that helps them in setting a time frame for completing both the research and writing phase. Most universities give flexibility to students if, due to any natural disaster, a student or group of researchers fails to submit a dissertation within or on a decided submission date. However, without any valid reason, if a student applies for dissertation extension, universities have the full right to reject the application.

In case a student is not given dissertation extension, he/she will have to enrol for another semester after paying full fees. This article is written to broaden student’s views about how they can get an extension on the dissertation submission date so they may know all potential cons and pros related to the process:

Is It The Level Of Education That Decides Whether You Are Eligible For Dissertation Extension Or Not?

Yes, it is the university in which you are pursuing a research degree or the level of education that decides whether you are eligible for an extension in the dissertation submission date or not. Different universities have established different rules related to the submission and examination of a dissertation. In general, undergraduate students must need stick hard to deadlines because they mostly write a dissertation by following entry-level research techniques. At the undergraduate level, examiners remain the least concerned with the originality and authenticity of the research conducted.

So are required to submit a dissertation on submission without offering any extension. However, the case is slightly different for MS and PhD students. MS students can be given dissertation extensions, but only if they have any solid reason for the delay. Concurrently, a PhD degree cannot be obtained if you are not sure about the originality, credibility, and reliability of the research. Thus, even if a student applies for an extension by giving the reason that the quality of his research for the doctorate program is not up to the mark, then he can be awarded an extension.

Two Ways Of Applying For An Extension On The Dissertation Submission Date:

Broadly, there are two ways of applying for a dissertation extension: individually and as a class. Sometimes due to lack of available funds, unavailability of appropriate research faculty, or wide spread of a pandemic, the whole class faces difficulties in submission of a dissertation on a decided date. In such circumstances, unity becomes strength. Simply, all you need to do is write a dissertation extension application on behalf of the full class, including a reason for not meeting the deadline and send it to the research committee.

University or research committee, in this case, extends the submission for a long or two for a whole session. However, if you are the only one who could not complete the dissertation on time, you have to apply for an extension on your own. Moreover, you would only get an unpaid extension if a reason seems valid to the committee. If procrastination is the only reason behind the unnecessary delay, you need to enrol for another semester and get a new submission deadline instead of an extension after paying additional fees.

A Detailed Process For Applying For A Dissertation Extension Date:

Again extension application process varies from university to university. In general, you should first discuss the reason for applying for an extension with your supervisor. He/she can best suggest all other means instead of extension, if available. Suppose your supervisor would not help you in any way, he/she will definitely share some ways to apply for an extension.

It is the amount of time that decides which extension process you need to follow for the extension on the submission deadline. Suppose you need only 14 days or 21 days to complete it; you can apply via Canvas. If the extended time lasts longer than 3 months, you need to make a case according to the university’s extenuating circumstances policy and then apply it within the faculty. Still, an extension for more than 3 months needs you to forward your case to the Academic Panel. In the third case, the university demands your supervisor to email a completed Extenuating Circumstances form, supervisor’s statement, and supporting documents to the official email address provided by the Academic panel at your own university.

Four Tips That May Prevent You From Passing The Dissertation Submission Date:

Getting dissertation extension by extending the submission date must be the last choice that should not but selected until the eleventh hour. Extension, if approved or not, may harm your academic record in many ways, as you will get your degree late or you have to pay more fees than your classmates pay. Thus, the following are some tips that may help you complete the dissertation on time.

  1. Set dates for discussion with your advisor on your own without waiting for your supervisor’s call.
  2. Show your interest in research, so your supervisor starts taking you as a competent student and gives you more time to complete your research on time.
  3. Never let procrastination control your actions. Complete an action at the time it comes to your mind; it will help you complete research as well as writing even before the submission deadline.
  4. Start writing a dissertation while conducting research. If research is a tiresome process for you as well, then start seeking help from cheap dissertation writing services UK for writing assistance.

Final Thoughts:

Dissertation writing is a time taking process. You need to synchronize your speed with the needles of a clock. Procrastination is the problem that prevents students from doing so. If you learn to defeat your procrastinating behaviour, you will not need to apply for any dissertation extension. If still, due to any emergency situation, there is no option left behind than extending the dissertation submission date, the above mention process may help you in getting it.


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