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Free Photo Editing Apps for Your iPhone 2024 Edition

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital photography, iPhone users continuously look for innovative tools to enhance their photos. The year 2024 offers a large number of apps that promise to transform your images into masterpieces without any usage charge.

The free photo editing apps for iPhone ensure high-quality photo editing, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone looking to improve your photo editing skills.

This comprehensive article explores six standout free photo editing apps for your iPhone.

SnapSeed: The Professional’s Choice

SnapSeed stands as the professional’s choice in the realm of free photo editing apps for iPhones. This app is highly known for its comprehensive toolkit that caters to an expansive range of editing needs. It comes with an intuitive interface, a comprehensive editing toolkit, unique editing options, etc.

  • Intuitive Interface

The industry leader in picture editing, SnapSeed, keeps up its stellar reputation by providing an easy-to-use interface suitable for both novices and experts. Its elegant design is easy for users to operate, which makes challenging editing jobs seem surprisingly easy.

  • Comprehensive Editing Toolkit

This comprehensive editing toolkit includes selective adjustment tools, healing brushes, and a large number of filters. Users can make detailed modifications with this adaptability, ranging from fixing flaws to changing the mood of a picture.

  • Unique Features

The application has some cool features, like the “Expand” button that lets you enlarge your canvas without sacrificing any of the image’s quality. Its HDR scape function also rapidly adds a dynamic range to photographs that closely resemble natural light.

VSCO: For the Aesthetic-Conscious

VSCO emerges as the go-to choice for iPhone users who prioritize aesthetics in their photo editing endeavors, offering a curated selection of filters reminiscent of classic film. It includes cult-favorite filters, easy editing options, and a community-driven working structure as well.

  • Cult-Favorite Filters

VSCO sets itself apart with its iconic filters, which are meant to resemble old-school cinema. Using these presets can help you quickly create a unified look throughout your collection of photos.

  • Simple Editing Tools

In addition to filters, this application offers a simple set of editing tools. These include fundamental modifications like contrast, saturation, and grain, which enable modest yet significant improvements.

  • Community-Driven Inspiration

With this app, users can share their work on this social media network. This community feature encourages users to experiment with different styles and methods by acting as an inspiration.

Lightroom: The Industry Standard

Lightroom sets the benchmark as the industry standard among free photo editing apps for iPhone users. This application blends professional-grade editing controls with unparalleled ease of use. It includes advanced editing controls, cloud integration, and interactive tutorials as well.

  • Advanced Editing Controls

You can quickly access editing tools on a professional level using Lightroom for iPhone. Its sophisticated features, including color mixing and curves, enable accurate modifications down to the smallest details.

  • Cloud Storage Integration

The easiest way for users to sync their adjustments across devices is through Lightroom’s flawless connection with cloud storage. This capability is very helpful for photographers who operate across numerous platforms.

  • Interactive Tutorials

The app is unique in that its expert photographers lead interactive tutorials. With the coverage of a variety of editing techniques in these sessions, even novices may now easily master sophisticated picture editing.

Afterlight: The Creative’s Toolkit

Afterlight stands out as the creative toolkit in the crowded space of free photo editing apps for iPhone users, offering a rich tapestry of features that cater specifically to the nuanced needs of artistic minds. It includes options for layer-based editing, better filter options, and superior textures and overlays. 

  • Layer-Based Editing

One notable feature of this application is its layer-based editing system, which enables users to precisely apply effects and edits. Complex edits with several stages and tweaks are made easier using this technique.

  • Extensive Filter Library

There are several filters in the app’s vast collection, including vintage and seasonal selections. To give their revisions a unique touch, users may also design and store their custom filters.

  • Textures and Overlays

A range of overlays and textures, like dust and light leaks, are available in this application and can offer images with more personality and atmosphere. Many Instagram users like the more analog appearance that these effects might help generate.

Canva: Beyond Photo Editing

Canva redefines the boundaries of photo editing apps by venturing into the domain of graphic design, making it an invaluable tool for iPhone users looking to do more than just enhance their photos. It includes versatile design features, a drag-and-drop option, and a large library.

  • Versatile Design Features

This application offers flexible creative tools that go beyond standard picture editing. Users may easily integrate their modified photographs into anything they produce, including invites and social media graphics.

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface

Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes designing professional-looking visuals a breeze, even for those without prior graphic design experience.

  • Extensive Template Library

Canva facilitates creativity by offering a vast collection of templates. Users may save time and effort by finding inspiration or a foundation for their work with ease.

Pixlr: The All-Rounder

Pixlr emerges as the quintessential all-rounder in the realm of free photo editing apps for iPhone users in 2024, striking a harmonious balance between ease of use and sophisticated editing capabilities. This app is user-friendly for every level; it includes AI-integrated tools and has a sturdy toolset. 

  • User-Friendly for All Levels

This app offers a balanced mix of user-friendliness and powerful editing capabilities, making it suitable for photographers at any skill level. Its straightforward interface removes the intimidation factor from advanced photo editing.

  • AI-Enhanced Tools

Pixlr incorporates AI-enhanced tools to automate complex edits, such as background removal and style transfers. These features save time and open up new creative possibilities.

  • Robust Toolset

Despite being free, Pixlr doesn’t skimp on features. It includes a robust toolset for detailed edits, from color adjustments to layer-based compositions.


In 2024, there will be a large variety of free picture editing applications available for the iPhone, meeting a variety of demands and tastes. Every app on this list meets your needs, whether they are for AI-enhanced features, professional-grade tools, beautiful filters, or creative skills. Even if each app may have its drawbacks, there is no denying the value they offer for free.

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