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What Are Off-Road Tyres And Best Off-Road Tyre Brands In UAE

Driving an off-road vehicle, especially in the dunes of Dubai, has to be one of the most exciting things you can do. Additionally, if you have a jeep, things might get more exciting because Dubai has a lot of places where you can go off-road driving and have a great time.

But it’s important to have the appropriate equipment for off-road driving so you may have a safe and pleasurable time. A good set of off-road tires is one of the most important equipment for off-roading.

What are Off-Road Tyres?

Off-road tyres, also called all-terrain tyres, are made to give you better grip and traction in tough off-road situations. The treads on these tires are bigger and deeper than those on most tires, which helps them grip uneven and rough ground.

Off-road tyres can also handle punctures and other damage. Trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles use off-road tires. Rock crawling, desert driving, and mud bogging are suitable for them.

Which Off-Road Tires Are Best for You?

If you want to go off-roading in comfort and safety, buy off-road tyres from a reliable online source. When shopping for off-road tires, keep in mind the following:

The Terrain

When buying off-road tires, the terrain you’ll be traversing should be your top priority. Off-road tyres come in various styles, each optimized for certain terrain.

For instance, you’ll need tires with deep treads and aggressive patterns if you intend to travel over muddy or rocky terrain. The opposite is true when driving on sand or other loose terrains; you’ll need tires with broader treads that can “float” above the surface.

Find Your Perfect Size

You must get the proper size if you want maximum protection and performance from your off-road tires. Underinflated tires might compromise the stability of your car, while overinflated tires can throw off your speedometer and other electronics.

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual or the sidewall of your current tires will tell you what size tires you need.

Load Capacity

Off-road tires’ load capacities must be adequate for your vehicle’s combined weight and cargo. Knowing how much weight your vehicle can haul is important before selecting off-road tires. This data might be in the car’s manual or the tire’s sidewall.


It’s important to select tires resistant to damage, such as punctures and cuts, because off-road driving can be rough on tires. Try to find off-road tires built to last and withstand the difficult terrain and hazards you may face.

Brand Recognition

Selecting a well-known manufacturer increases the likelihood of receiving trustworthy and secure tires. Before you buy, take the time to read up on the many brands of off-road tires available.

Buying Price

Price Range It is important to consider your price range when purchasing off-road tyres. While it’s tempting to go with the least expensive option, buying high-quality off-road tyres will end up saving you money by preventing costly repairs to your car.

Off-Road Tire Types

Mud-terrain, all-terrain, and rock-crawling tyres are the three most common kinds of off-road tires.

Mud tires

Tires with mud-terrain treads are engineered to provide superior grip in sloppy conditions. Large tread blocks and deep channels remove mud and debris, increasing traction in slick situations.

Off-Road Tires

All-terrain tires can handle various terrains, from paved roads to gravel to dirt to mud. They’re more suited for everyday driving thanks to a more subdued tread pattern than mud-terrain tires.

Rock-Crawler Tires

Tires with rock-crawling treads are built specifically for usage on rough ground. Their aggressive tread pattern provides exceptional traction on rocks and other obstacles, while their reinforced sidewalls protect from punctures and cuts.

Best Off-Road Tyre Brands In UAE

Let’s look at the top off-road tyre manufacturers in the UAE.


When it comes to off-road tires, few names are as well-respected as BFGoodrich. They provide numerous choices for off-road tires, such as mud-terrain and all-terrain models. Tires from BFGoodrich have a solid reputation for holding up well even in severe weather.

Tyre Name Wet Grip Dry Grip Comfort/Noise Tread Wear Price
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 9.9 9.8 9.45 9.9 AED808.55 to AED1,189.65


Goodyear is another well-known manufacturer of off-road tires. Off-road tires, such as the Wrangler and Duratrac series, are available from this company. Goodyear tires have an excellent reputation for dependability and grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

Tyre Name Wet Grip Dry Grip Comfort/Noise Tread Wear Price
WRANGLER FORTITUDE 7.4 7.5 7.5 7.5 AED799.28 to AED799.28


Yokohama, a Japanese tire manufacturer, produces several lines of off-road tires, one of which is the Geolandar series. Their tires have a stellar reputation for longevity and dependability over a wide range of conditions.

Tyre Name Wet Grip Dry Grip Comfort/Noise Tread Wear Price
GEOLANDAR A/T G015 7.5 7.9 8.0 7.8 AED328.57 to AED848.72


Michelin is a reputable tire manufacturer known for their off-road LTX and XPS series of tires. Michelin tires are well-known for their sturdiness, dependability, and ability to operate well even in extreme environments.

Tyre Name Wet Grip Dry Grip Comfort/Noise Tread Wear Price
LATITUDE TOUR HP 9.0 9.1 8.6 9.1 AED643.75 to AED1,395.65


Nitto is a new name in the off-road tyre industry, but their Mud Grappler and Trail Grappler product lines have already made a reputation for themselves. Tires manufactured by Nitto are renowned for their longevity, efficiency, and eye-catching styles.

Tyre Name Wet Grip Dry Grip Comfort/Noise Tread Wear Price
DURA GRAPPLER 9.3 9.3 9.3 9.4 AED328.57 to AED848.72


When looking for off-road tires, it’s important to consider how often you drive. If you frequently travel, finding a reliable source for cheap dump tyre mileage should be a top priority. We at PitStopArabia have researched and created a list of the best seven off-road tyres available in Dubai. You may skip the hassle of researching several types and manufacturers by going with one of the five tyres we’ve already recommended.


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