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12 Ways You Can Erase Object From Photo by Using YouCam Perfect App

Have you ever taken a picture-perfect moment, only to find a photobomber, stray object, or unwanted element ruining the shot? Fear not! YouCam Perfect, a popular photo editing app, comes to the rescue with numerous tools to banish those pesky distractions from your photos.

This guide explores 12 ways to erase objects from a photo using the YouCam Perfect App. 

1. The AI Object Remover: A Smart Solution

There’s a sturdy AI Object Remover tool in YouCam Perfect. This is how to apply it:

  • Open YouCam Perfect and take an image.
  • Go to the “Edit” tab and select “AI Removal.”
  • Your image will appear with editing options.
  • Carefully hint around the object you desire to put off with your finger. The outcomes improve with growing precision.
  • Press “Apply” to permit the AI to carry out its magic! The undesired item will disappear, and the history could be skillfully filled in to ensure seamless arrival. 

2. The Object Removal Tool: Manual Control for Precise Erasing

If you decide on greater control over the modifying system, the object removal device offers a manual technique:

  • When your image opens, select “Edit” then “Object Removal” (not AI Removal).
  • There’s a broom tool visible. For increased accuracy, extend the image if you wish.
  • Make certain you seize all the rims of the unwanted item as you lightly brush over it.
  • You can fine-tune your choice by adjusting the comb length and opacity.
  • The item can remove item from photo, with your faucet “Erase” when you’re satisfied. YouCam Perfect bridges the gap with the aid of supplying a background texture that works. 

3. The Clone Tool: Borrowing from the Perfect Spot

The Clone Tool permits you to “borrow” a super section of your photograph to cover the unwanted item:

  • Once your photograph is open, choose “Edit,” then “Clone.”
  • Select the vicinity of the source you desire to borrow from. The history texture at this location ought to resemble that of the object’s region.
  • To indicate in which you need to start, tap and keep the supply region.
  • You are basically “portraying” the borrowed vicinity over the undesirable item by dragging your finger over it.
  • Modify the brush length and opacity to acquire a mix that appears herbal.
  • The borrowed segment takes the location of the undesirable item, giving the design an unbroken look. 

4. The Brush Tool: Selective Erasing for Simple Objects

For less complicated items with properly defined edges, the brush tool offers a quick repair:

  • Once your photo is open, choose “Edit,” then “Brush.”
  • Select the “Erase” alternative from the Brush tool’s menu.
  • To improve manipulation, carefully brush over the item you wish to do away with while zooming in.
  • For exact erasing, you may exchange the comb’s size and opacity.
    When finished, the item vanishes, leaving a clear backdrop. 

5. The Magic Brush: Effortless Erasing with AI Assistance

The Magic Brush leverages AI to simplify object elimination.

  • Once your photograph is open, pick out “Edit” and then “Magic Brush.”
  • Select the “Erase” characteristic.
  • On the item you want to put off, faucet once. The AI will recognize it mechanically and try to eliminate it.
  • If there are problems with the AI detection, you may want to alter the selection vicinity.
  • After you click “Apply” to complete the edit, the item will disappear. 

6. The Patch Tool: Seamlessly Fix Imperfections

The Patch Tool lets you replace unwanted items with a more appropriate location out of your photograph:

  • Once your photograph is open, pick “Edit” then “Patch.”
  • Select the object that you desire to take away.
  • If the region in the back of the object has a similar history texture to a nearby region, tap and hold that vicinity. You’ll use this as your “patch.”
  • Move the “patch” over the unwanted item to effectively update it with the selected location.
  • To acquire a seamless combination, regulate the patch’s length and placement.
    With the selected “patch,” the unwanted object vanishes, leaving an unbroken look. 

7. Crop It Out: Sometimes, Simplicity Reigns Supreme

Cropping is probably the quickest answer for objects positioned on the rims of your image.

  • Once your photo is open, pick “Crop.”
  • Cropping courses will seem for your display screen.
  • To change the photo’s frame, drag the guides.
  • Make certain the undesirable object disappears past the newly created frame.
  • When you’re geared up, faucet “Crop” to remove the undesirable object from the picture. 

8. Enhance with Blur: Creative Blur Techniques

Here are some creative ways to make use of the blur impact in YouCam Perfect:

  • Radial Blur: This produces a subtle round blur effect that minimizes background distractions while bringing interest to the primary subject. Select “Radial Blur” from the Effects menu, then mess around with the blur’s center factor and depth.
  • Linear Blur: This produces a directed blur effect that simulates motion. To steadily lessen undesired gadgets inside the blur’s direction, pick out “Linear Blur” and change the blur’s course and depth.
  • Tilt-Shift Blur: This produces a toy-like effect with the aid of softening the picture’s edges while preserving a sharp center. For pictures that have way-off objects that might be distracting, this can be very effective. Make adjustments to the blur depth and awareness area by deciding on “Tilt-Shift Blur.”. 

9. Embrace the Distraction: Creative Solutions

Sometimes, a playful approach can work wonders.

  • Add Text or Stickers: YouCam Perfect offers a big choice of text overlays and stickers. You can add some personality to your photo and deftly divert interest from the unwanted object by placing a sticky label or writing a few lighthearted textual elements in strategic locations.
  • Reshape Tool: Using the Reshape Tool, you can delicately reshape the items in your photo. By using it, you could limit the unwanted object’s distraction from the composition as a whole by barely adjusting its role. 

10. Leverage Presets for Quick Fixes

YouCam Perfect offers a “Presets” library of pre-made edits. Certain presets can also have minor historical changes or object removal effects. Examine the preset alternatives to see if they provide an on-the-spot solution for the unwanted item. 

11: Combine Techniques for Best Results

To get exceptional effects, don’t be afraid to combine and match one-of-a-kind YouCam Perfect equipment. For instance, you can dispose of the primary item with the AI Object Remover and then use the Patch Tool to first-class-music any closing flaws. 

12. Save and Share Your Flawlessly Edited Photos!

Show off your modifying prowess after using YouCam Perfect to banish those undesirable items! After editing, store the image and post it to social media, or send it to your family and friends. Exhibit your immaculate photos and inspire others to discover the innovative ability of YouCam Perfect.


With these 12 techniques in your arsenal, you’ll master removing unwanted objects and achieving flawless photos in YouCam Perfect. Remember, practice makes perfect, so experiment with different tools and explore the vast editing options YouCam Perfect offers. Happy editing!


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