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Things You Must Know About Online Food Order in Train

Online food order is a new trend after the revolution in the internet and technology. Food-tech companies have evolved as one of the most important tech revolutions that have their place in people’s day-to-day life. Today, almost everyone depends on these food delivery apps for food whenever they crave hunger, whether at home, office or train. Train food delivery seems challenging as the train keeps moving, whereas home and office addresses stay the same. Questions such as ‘how do the train food delivery provider take the address of a passenger?’ ‘How does the delivery person find the passenger who booked food among so many crowds?’ can raise in your head. Don’t worry. Here we will talk about everything related to online food order in train.

But before that, you need to understand the process of food ordering on train online.

How to Food Order on Train

To food order on train, you need to –

  • Install an IRCTC e-catering rail food app on your electronic device.
  • Enter your train number or PNR number.
  • Explore upcoming stations’ restaurant menus.
  • Select your food and enter your details. You’ll need to provide the PNR number during filling in the details if you have earlier opted for train number.
  • Place the order by choosing payment methods.

Your order will be placed. Now let’s come back to our questions and understand them one by one.

How RailFood App Acquire Address and Deliver Food to Rail Passengers

This question might strike your head at first when you try to understand the business of train food. So, its answer is the PNR number. Passenger ticket PNR numbers tell the delivery partner everything, such as passengers’ seat number/berth number, coach number, train number, train scheduled timing, upcoming stations, their origin, terminating station, and more. That’s why While train food ordering, it’s necessary to provide the correct PNR number. Moreover, during your food order, you must get a restaurant list that is curated according to your train en route stations. And you choose restaurants that are listed there only. So when your train reaches that particular station, the food delivery person searches for your coach number and berth number and delivers your food directly to your seat.

How So Many Restaurants of Different Cities Came on the Same Platform

Restaurants near railway stations capable enough to deliver hygienic and healthy food on train can register themselves on an e-catering app. Although, these restaurants should be FSSAI-approved, and they should match the basic criteria for registering on an e-catering platform. High-end marketing, good functionality of the app, and the popularity of train food delivery have made it possible to bring the number of restaurants on the same e-catering platform.

These partnered restaurants and rail food apps ensure rail passengers get the right food even when travelling.

Benefits of Food in Train App

Train food app consists of numerous benefits for rail passengers. It takes away rail passengers’ food worries.

  • With the introduction of online food order in train, passengers don’t need to get food from pantry car services. Pantry car food used to be bland in taste, unhygienic and unhealthy.
  • The food in train app ensures the delivery of hygienic food directly from the kitchen of FSSAI-approved restaurants.
  • Earlier, people also needed to step out from the train in search of tasty food. That can be risky.
  • But due to the availability of train food, passengers can get delicious food delivered to the train seat.
  • Moreover, passengers don’t need to rely on limited food options. Train food app offers a range of food options, including veg, non-veg, Jain Food In Train, and regional. Besides, you can order snacks like Burgers, Chowmein, Pizza, Chat, and Samosa on train.

Things to Know Before Your Train Food Order Online

  • You need to enter the correct PNR number while placing your food order because it’s essential for train food ordering.
  • You should provide the right mobile number as you might get an OTP during login in your rail food app.
  • Order food in train at least 2 hours before. Although, the train food app promises to deliver food if you even order food in train just 30 minutes before your train arrives at your food boarding station.
  • Some rail food apps also allow you to pre-book food before your journey date. So, just like your train travel plan. You can plan your food for journeying.
  • You can do bulk food orders if you travel in groups of more than 15. However, group food orders in train must be done 24 hours before the train’s scheduled boarding time.

How Safe It is to Order Food in Train

You must have heard of finding unhygienic things in food cooked in Panty cars. It may happen because the food in the pantry is cooked in bulk. That’s why the chances of its cleanliness get low. The case doesn’t happen with restaurant food. In restaurants, food is prepared according to the particular order, lessening food mistakes. Moreover, to maintain decorum and its reputation, restaurant owners are bound to deliver fresh food on train. Otherwise, their authenticity to deliver food in train will get cancelled, and they might have to compensate the rail passengers.

Apart from these, the payment methods for online food order in train are also safe. Rail passengers can choose to cash on delivery, card payment, net banking or online payment mode like Bhim UPI, Paytm, phone Pay, Google pay etc.

Which App is Best For Online Food Order In Train

IRCTC e-catering platform RailRestro is a well-known train travel food app. With this app, rail passengers can order varieties of food in train. The app offers north Indian, south Indian, continental, Chinese, Korean, Thai, regional, east and west Indian dishes on train. With this app, you can order toddlers’ milk and beverages like tea, coffee, and shakes on train. The e-catering app also offers pure Jain food, Tyohar ki thali, and Navratri food on train. Moreover, the ordering process with this app is easy and convenient for each rail passenger.

Feature of RailRestro E-catering Platform

  • RailRestro is a light weighted app that acquires very little space in your device.
  • This app’s website is also available. If rail passengers don’t want to install an app. They can use its web app.
  • RailRestro has partnered with over 20,000 restaurants in different regions of India.
  • The availability of Railrestro services is on 450+ railway stations.
  • It has over 7 years of trust in delivering delicious and hygienic meals to rail passengers.
  • The rating of this app on the play store is 4.5*.
  • All of its partnered restaurants are FSSAI-approved.
  • It allows passengers to pre-book their train meal just after booking a train ticket.
  • You can track the status of your food order online from its preparation to delivery.
  • You can do bulk food orders in advance through RailRestro for train journeys.
  • Alternatively, you can call its customer executive number 8102202203 to order food in train.

Besides, with the RailRestro app and website, rail passengers can also check IRCTC PNR status, trains between two stations, live train running stations, and stations’ live train arrival and departure online.

RailRestro is an all-in-one Rail food app you can use for your online food order in train.

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