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The Etihad Museum: Where History Comes Alive in Dubai.

The Etihad Museum is a historical landmark located in the heart of Dubai that is dedicated to showcasing the history of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its journey to independence. The museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the rich history and culture of the UAE. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the Etihad Museum has to offer and why it is such an important part of Dubai’s cultural landscape.

History of the Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum was opened to the public on December 2, 2016, which marked the 45th anniversary of the UAE’s formation. The museum was built to commemorate the signing of the Union Agreement in 1971, which unified the seven emirates of the UAE into a single nation.

The museum was designed by Canadian architectural firm Moriyama & Teshima, who were selected through an international competition. The museum’s design was inspired by the shape of a manuscript, with seven white columns representing the seven pens that signed the Union Agreement.

Exhibits and Features

The Etihad Museum Dubai is divided into several different galleries, each showcasing a different aspect of the UAE’s history and journey to independence. Some of the most notable exhibits and features of the museum include:

1) The Union House

The Union House is the original building where the Union Agreement was signed in 1971. The building has been restored and is now part of the museum.

2) Timeline Wall

The Timeline Wall is a 100-meter-long wall that traces the history of the UAE from prehistoric times to the present day.

3) Interactive Exhibits

The museum features a range of interactive exhibits, including touchscreens, holograms, and virtual reality experiences.

4) Documentaries and Films

The museum features a 10-minute documentary film that tells the story of the UAE’s journey to independence. There are also several other films and documentaries that visitors can watch.

5) Library and Archive

The museum has a library and archive that contains a range of books, documents, and photographs related to the history of the UAE.

6) Gift Shop

The museum has a gift shop that sells a range of souvenirs and memorabilia related to the UAE’s history and culture.

Visiting the Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is located in the Jumeirah district of Dubai and is easily accessible by public transport. The museum is open seven days a week, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Admission fees are very reasonable, and guided tours are available in several different languages.

The museum is also a popular destination for school trips and educational tours. The museum’s interactive exhibits and educational resources make it an excellent destination for students of all ages.


The Etihad Museum is a unique and important cultural landmark in Dubai that tells the story of the UAE’s journey to independence. With its interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and engaging displays, the museum is an excellent destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of the UAE. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to Dubai, the Etihad Museum is a must-visit destination that should not be missed.


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