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The 4 best restaurants in Providence US

While Providence is known for all its intellectuals (besides an Ivy League school there’s also the respected culinary school Johnson & Wales) and a vibrant artistic community, the city also serves as the bedrock of an exciting culinary hub full of talented young chefs. Unpretentious and often very affordable, Providence is a food lover’s destination in New England, and the smarts and creative hallmarks of the city end up where it shines the best: on the plate.

1. Bucktown

What is it? Comfort food with a southern flair—in Rhode Island.

Why go? You may mistake this Federal Hill hotspot for an eatery tucked away in a New Orleans neighborhood with its menu full of fried chicken and seafood. You’ll be tempted to order the entire menu (and all the sides) and it wouldn’t be a bad idea as you clean up the trays of fried goodness.

2. Oberlin

What is it? A seafood-centric wine bar where you want to be a regular.

Why go? Italian food reigns supreme in Providence, but chef Benjamin Sukle puts his own fresh take on Italian-American cooking. The crudo (often sourced locally), a big ol’ bowl of pasta, and an even bigger glass of sake or vermouth makes for a flawless meal here.

3. Sakura Restaurant

What is it? It’s like coming over for Sunday supper at nonna’s home.

Why go? In this intimate Federal Hill favorite, the menu is full of family-inspired recipes from Italy. Fresh mozzarella and salumi may be imported from chef in website motherland, but the her cooking is personal whether you order a plate of slow-cooked meatballs or a bowl of gently rolled pasta.

4. Persimmon

What is it? Seasonal cooking shines at this New American bistro with a neighborhood vibe.

Why go? Champe and Lisa Speidel didn’t lose any personal touches to when moving their restaurant from Bristol to the East Side of Providence. The beautiful plates, whether featuring pristine seafood or locally sourced produce, showcase Champe’s impeccable technique and attention to detail. Hanging out at the bar with one of their refreshing cocktails is just as fun.


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