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Meet Kayyali Mohamed, an Inspirational Author, Innovator, and Entrepreneur

Dr. Kayyali Mohamed is known for his roles in various sectors, including the space industry. He is a multi-talented person with tons of contributions in the education and space realm.


Dr. Kayyali Mohamed, a scientist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, is an inspiring person with many global achievements. Dr. Kayyali Mohamed is an International Expert in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and a successful entrepreneur who runs two USA NGOs. Dr. Kayyali Mohamed has provided advice for Startups and Small & Medium Enterprises to grow on a limited budget as an expert in Information and Communication Technology. Moreover, he has worked with many new startups and provided entrepreneurial advice to them. Dr. Kayyali Mohamed is an experienced entrepreneur and International speaker for TEDx, IEEE, UN, and EU.


Dr. Kayyali Mohamed is a prolific scientist and author. In 2020 one of his books, ‘The REVOLUTION After COVID 19: The Impact of CoronaVirus on Economy, Politics, Environment, and Religions’, ranked among the best ten books. Other books, including ‘Sustainable Development Goals Manager Certification’, ‘The Revolution of IoT in HealthCare: How IOT Empower Healthcare Smart City’, ‘Medical Image Processing’, and ’Edge Detection in Image Processing: An Approach to Kayyali Operator’ have gained good response from readers all over the world.


Apart from writing books, Dr. Kayyali Mohamed is one of the well-known innovators in technology and business. Dr. Kayyali is behind the IFGICT, an International Federation of ICT and standardization and ITU partners. Other than that, he is also the president of the KSF Space Foundation in the US, where he innovates the space industry for universities and research with the most affordable and cost-effective way to access space.


“Dr. Kayyali Mohamed advances humanity with his entrepreneurial pursuits in New Space, technology, and education, preparing us for a new era of success in outer space! I highly recommend joining the incredible opportunities he offers globally, to push beyond boundaries,” Said Holly Melear, CEO & Founder of STEAMSPACE Education Outreach® and Cities in Space®


In addition, Dr. Kayyali is behind the great education outreach space and small satellite certification NEP certificate. Along with his space team, Dr. Kayyali developed multiple services in the space industry. One of his works includes Jupiter 1 Rocket, a collaboration with Kansas University. People said that he could be considered the next Elon Musk. He innovated with the space foundation team with the cheapest and most affordable small satellite education outreach kit.


An entrepreneur, book author, scientist, International speaker, and the founder of Kayyali operator edge detection theory in computer science. Kayyali is behind the media company Time Business News magazine and the IPTV business channel DNBC TV in the USA. For more information about Kayyali Mohamed, please visit



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