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Become a Top Delivery Leader with a Reliable Postmates Clone App

Just three years after its launch, Postmates opened its programming interface to compete in consumer goods delivery. Initially, with a limited support to only food and grocery delivery, Postmates found its audience with its clean and fast faced UI to deliver goods of any size one the same day. Hailing as the next Amazon, Postmates was acquired by Uber as soon as it valuation crossed over $2 billion. 

A Postmates clone application is able to provide its entrepreneurs with the same UI and features that can be launched in the market almost instantly. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Get Any Product Delivered In One Hour
  • How Postmates Clone App Works?
  • Postmates Clone App Solution Features
  • Conclusion

With a compact model of centralizing the on-demand delivery fleet, Postmates business model conveniently serves couriers, customers, and merchants. With Postmates, local merchants can easily reach a wide range of customers. Users can sort restaurants listed on the Postmates app with an option to customize their orders interactively. An accurate estimate of the time taken to get the order ready and reach the doorstep has been a game changer for Postmates in many U.S. cities. 

With a simple revenue model, a Postmate clone application will bring amazing profits to your business fleet. You can even customize the clone application as per your requirements too. Let us understand Postmate’s business model and features with a detailed overview of the clone application best suited for your business processes.

Get Any Product Delivered In One Hour

Postmates transformed how local goods move around a city with its revolutionary urban logistics on-demand delivery platform. Its website boldly states that anyone can get any product in one hour. 

Customers pay the delivery charges and convenience fees (9%) for the delivered goods. The delivery charges go to the delivery guys, and the convenience fee goes to the companies.

Being partnered with Postmates, store owners or local merchants are saved from the expense of maintaining a fleet of delivery people. They charge nominal fee for availing the delivery services since Postmates helps them to increase their profit and popularity through its application and website.

Acting as the middlemen, the delivery service providers (or “Postmates”) can earn up to $25 per hour. The breakdown is 80/20, with 20% share going to the Postmates application and the rest to the delivery service providers. Primarily responsible for delivering the package to the destination, they also have the option to serve as a freelancer as soon as the delivery is completed.

How Postmates Clone App Works?

With on demand services such as food, grocery, parcel, alcohol, and pharmacy delivery, Postmates also covers convenience stores, making it a top-seed platform that delivers almost anything instantly. Here is how a Postmates clone application works in the same way:

  • Placing an order

To place an order on Postmates Clone, customers can browse menus from their local restaurants, pharmacies, or any convenience store listed on the app. This can either be completed through a website or an application. Customers can also add special instructions or notes while ordering a parcel through a website or an app.

  • Couriers assigned

Once an order is placed, the Postmates clone uses an algorithm to match orders based on distance, availability, and size with an independent courier. Their ride details are linked to the clone app. This helps to match the right vehicle with the right order requirement. For example, a contractor with a bike can be assigned to deliver your food, whereas a contractor with a car can be assigned to deliver a piece of furniture.

  • Picking an order

A push notification from the Postmates clone allows the couriers to see the order details and the pickup location. Once a courier is assigned, the same information goes to the customer, who can track their order in real time. Everything can be seen on the application, from heading to the merchant or restaurant to delivering to the customer. The customer can rate and provide feedback once the order is marked as delivered. The Postmates clone app handles all payment processes to the merchant, courier, and the company.

Postmates Clone App Solution Features

So, what makes Postmates so profitable? By presenting new segments with uniqueness and smart marketing, Postmates grabbed the attention of a wide demographic audience that wanted fast delivery with low price margins. Using the Postmates clone app, the customer can pay for each order, adding a tip that goes directly to the delivery service provider. 

With a clone application, your business can attain the same style and features that let people order anything from anywhere in the city. Following are some top features that Postmates clone offers to customers, merchants, and delivery providers:

Customer Facing Features

  • One-step login/registration via email or social network
  • Support for multiple cards, wallets, and automatic payment via stripe
  • By placing a pin on the map, easily select a store or delivery location instead of typing the full address
  • See order history, leave reviews, and attach a picture of the item to the shopping list

Delivery Provider-Facing Features

  • Easy identification and approval before the allocation of the task
  • Option to set the delivery status
  • Contactless delivery to notify and mark the order delivered
  • A holistic view of the history of completed orders

Merchant/Owner Facing Features

  • A web-based admin panel
  • Smart notification management for drivers and customers
  • Cashless invoice automation via text or email
  • Responsive feedback and ratings


Setting tough competition to major food delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash, Postmates currently operates in more than 4250 U.S. cities. You can also become the next delivery giant in your region with a reliable Postmates clone application. Enrich all-in-one delivery services that are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones with a top clone app development company.

Build a future-ready Postmates clone app ready to launch, set with a payment gateway, integrated with brand color and logo – all under 7-8 days. See live demos to get a feel and look before launching your customized on-demand delivery app to expand your business workflow.


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