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How to Print T-Shirt and What Are Its Methods


T-shirts, which are frequently preferred in daily life and can be used in combination with almost any style, are becoming more and more popular day by day. Being comfortable to use, being produced in a variety that will appeal to almost everyone, are the main reasons why t-shirts are preferred in every segment. T-shirts, which are preferred in all seasons, are produced to appeal to all ages and tastes, and in this sense, they provide great comfort while creating people’s clothing preferences. T-shirts, which are preferred by those who love comfort in daily life, are also preferred for team spirit and belonging in business life, and can now be used for many purposes today.

What is T-Shirt Printing?

T-shirts, which are used to provide unity on important days, on our national holidays, are preferred by people with prints that indicate the meaning and importance of the day. Our custom t shirt printing in Dallas is highly preferred by our people. T-shirts, which are frequently preferred by both adults and children in the shows held on national holidays, are the most important clothes in demand in terms of reflecting the meaning and importance of the day. One of the reasons why printed t-shirts are preferred in these ceremonies is that our children who take the stage during our holidays can be comfortable with printed t-shirts.

In addition, printed t-shirts can be used in various events. T-shirts, which can be used in festivals at schools, university clubs, and in business life, are now the first clothing choice that comes to mind in terms of representing the team they belong to in organizations where people take part and making the users comfortable.

How to Print T-Shirt?

Printed T-shirts, which are preferred in other shows to be held on special days such as our national holidays, in different organizations or in business life, can be designed as desired. T-shirts purchased for daily use can meet people’s clothing needs, but they cannot reflect the visuality needed for different activities.

For this reason, printed t-shirts come to the fore as they are produced specifically for individuals, companies or event groups and meet the needs of people in this direction.

Our company produces specially designed t-shirts for all kinds of events, programs or your employees. It is enough to contact us with the pattern, text, picture, logo you want to be printed on the t-shirts. We produce t-shirts in many different patterns by applying them to different fabric types according to the taste and style of the people who will use them.

There are some factors that increase the quality of printed t-shirts in terms of longevity of use. The first of these factors is the quality of the t-shirt to be printed and the quality of the dye used while printing. In addition, printing techniques also determine the duration of the t-shirt’s use. T-shirts can be used for a long time when quality and suitable printing are made. Even if t-shirts with high quality printing are washed many times, their dyes do not flow and their colors do not deteriorate.

What are T-Shirt Printing Methods / Techniques?

Printing techniques that are very decisive in the lifespan of printed t-shirts and prolong their service life are printing types such as transfer, digital, screen printing, and sublimation.

  • Digital printing: It is a printing method that can be applied to almost all kinds of fabrics. It is a type of printing that can be done without removing the mold. All kinds of models, colors and patterns can be used with this printing method, and colorful products can be created. In addition, the colors used look very vivid and high quality.
  • Sublimation printing:  This method, which can only be applied to polyester fabric, is a very easy method. The patterns desired to be applied to the fabric are designed, transferred to the paper and applied to the fabric.
  • Silk-screen printing: It is a type of printing that has a very high durability and can be applied to all kinds of fabrics. It is the most preferred printing technique with high customer satisfaction. It is a very advantageous printing method in high volume production. Since the use of color will change the cost, it is a method that can be preferred more in less colored designs.
  • Transfer printing: It is a printing method that is very similar to the sublimation printing technique but is more preferred. This is because sublimation printing is only done on polyester fabrics, but transfer printing can be done on any fabric. This time-saving method is a very fast method. With the transfer printing method, which has a wide usage area, fast and trendy productions can be made.

The quality of the fabric used in the printed t-shirts and the printing method are the factors that determine the service life of the t-shirt. In addition to these factors, another determining factor in this regard is that the fabric and printing method are compatible with each other.

Our company, which is an expert in its field, designs t-shirts suitable for all kinds of use and offers them for your use. We always prioritize customer satisfaction with our experience in the market and our quality products. We bring together the t-shirts you want to use with your desired patterns, colors and designs.



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