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Guide to Unique UK adventure holidays and activity break in 2022

The United Kingdom offers one of the greatest pleasures of traveling abroad through its top attractions, which blend culture and ultra-modern lifestyle effortlessly. With so many attractions, exploring the UK with the right UK visa is fascinating right from where you start your trip. Either view the towering architecture, stunning coastlines, or the rich vegetation, the adventure and tranquility never go out. While you explore the adventures to be experienced in the UK, it can be the same as other places, including some distinct features. However, not every site boasts the same thing. The UK rewards some of the unique and lesser-known adventures to experience.


As you experience the top adventures, below are some of the unique places with adventures to enjoy on weekends in the UK.


Desert in Kent!?


Kent is known as England’s only desert, with a miniature railway line as a transport system. This desert attracts a million visitors a year to its spot of weirdness. It is formed by a pebble beach in the shape of a cuspate foreland, with rich wildlife and a variety of plants, as well as many wooden lighthouses and fishing huts bizarrely scattered throughout the desert, making it a unique and activity break place to visit and explore in the UK.


Experience the Northern Lights.


The United Kingdom gives a few opportunities to treat its visitors to spot the beautiful hues of the Northern lights. The northern lights, commonly known as Aurora Borealis, do not show up often in the UK, but when they do, it is one of the most surreal moments to experience a glimpse of the lights. Scottish Highlands, Shetlands, Northern Ireland, and Donegal are some of the popular and family-friendly adventure holidays in the UK to view the Northern Lights.

Watch the Viking boat burning ceremony.


Among most of the fascinating things to do and see in the UK, this Viking ritual of burning boats and longships is something unique to experience. The ceremony takes place only on special occasions like celebrating the forthcoming New Year by burning old spirits and welcoming the new spirits or paying tribute to the Viking warriors. With over 800 attendees, it is a show-stopping ceremony to witness in the UK.


Brecon Beacon adventures


The Brecon Beacons National Park possesses the highest peak in south Wales, Pen y Fan, and is one of the three national parks in Wales. There are plenty of adventures and activities to experience in the Brecon Beacons. For adventure lovers, the mountain ranges feature numerous mountain ranges bike routes for adventure breaks in the UK. For a day out, there are still several beautiful outdoor spots to enjoy a picnic or wild exploration. Do not miss out on the 

adventure cycling, the best adventure in the Brecon Beacons.


White river rafting in Hertfordshire


Featuring a wide range of holiday activities for adults in the UK, White River Rafting in Hertfordshire provides an adrenaline-rushing experience. Challenge yourself as you surf along the waves of this mighty Olympic standard white-water course. The major activities include white river rafting, kayaking, hydrospeeding, paddleboarding, and canoeing.


A Trip to the North East 250


Running through Aberdeenshire and Morey Speyside, North East 250 blends the countryside, coastline, and scenic towns perfectly. Start your tour from the Aberdeen airport, making your way through the 250-mile route from whiskey distilleries, museums, coastline, and clifftops near Portknockie, spotting the dolphins to the snow ports in the Cairngorms. The trip is worthwhile 



Gloucester bird feeding


Gloucester is rich in sites, and as a key location in bird migration, it attracts hundreds of ornithological visitors each year. This bustling center provides a great opportunity to view and indulge in bird feeding sessions. Visit Gloucester to see the beautiful avian species.


Some parts of the UK are more exotic than one can imagine. So, explore these unique adventures to enjoy an activity holiday in the UK.




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