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Who is the God of Cricket in the IPL? Exploring All-Time Legends and New Contenders

Cricket is not just a game for Indians, it is something else that is hard to define in words. Almost every Indian is somehow attached to Cricket teams. The love for cricket fans increased in 2008 with the introduction of IPL. 

The Indian Premier League is like a festival for cricket fans. It is held every year and various teams that are named after the cities of the country took active participation in the tournament. IPL is the platform for new players to emerge and make their careers in cricket.

Players along with their teams try to get various IPL titles and win trophies. As Sachin Tendulkar attains the title of a god of cricket now let’s see who is the God of IPL, meaning those players who are all-time legends in IPL cricket.

Who is the God of IPL and Why Did he Get This Title?

Rohit Sharma, the current Indian national team skipper got the title of God of cricket in IPL due to his amazing performance in IPL as a player as well as captain.

Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indians team won the IPL trophy on five occasions. 

In starting he was a part of the Deccan Chargers team and his solid performance helped the team to win the title. After that he became the captain of the Mumbai Indian team and his remarkable performance made him the God of cricket in IPL. He is so-called due to the following reasons:

  • His team has won the IPL trophy six times ( 5 times for Mumbai Indians played as captain and once for the Deccan Chargers in which he was a key player of team)
  • He has the highest win percentage as a captain among all i.e. 59.68% winning percentage.
  • He is one of the few players who made 5,000-plus runs in the IPL.
  • He is a top run scorer in IPL and he made 5611 runs in 213 matches.

These are some of his achievements that have made him the best player and God of IPL cricket.

Is there any other player in the IPL who got a similar title?

Another Indian player and former Indian team skipper MS Dhoni is known as Baap of IPL. He bats lower on the order but manages to score 4400 plus runs in IPL and wins the trophies for his team Chennai Super Kings. His playing skills and good decision-making qualities( like remaining cool and calm in pressure situations) made him a valuable player in the team as well as for the tournament.

Under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, the CSK team consistently qualified for the playoffs in the IPL and won the IPL trophy five times. 


These types of titles enhance the confidence of the players and encourage them to perform consistently to achieve the title. So by seeing the performance of the players titles like God of the Tournament, Baap of Tournament, God of Sixes, etc. are given to the players. For now, the GOD of cricket in IPL is Rohit Sharma.


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