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Difference Between 40ft, 45ft And 53ft Shipping Containers

Different sizes and types of containers are used to fulfil different cargo requirements. 40ft is a standard shipping container, while 45ft and 53ft shipping containers fall under high cube containers and are quite popular for transporting high-volume cargo. The article will highlight the difference between 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft shipping containers. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Purpose of 40 ft Standard Shipping Container 

The 40 ft shipping containers are versatile and durable containers built primarily for shipping goods internationally. They are the largest size of standard shipping containers available. 40 ft containers are made from corrugated steel and are weather resistant. They are suited for transporting furniture, cotton, and electronic items or storing vehicles, equipment, and machinery. 

Purpose of 45ft and 53ft Containers

Both 45ft and 53ft are high cube containers. They are cargo containers with an additional height of 1 foot as compared to the dimensions of a standard shipping container. These containers are well suited to transport high-volume cargo that cannot fit into traditional containers. Available in sizes of 45 ft and 53 ft, high cube containers are generally used for the intermodal transportation of bulky goods such as machinery, furniture, and vehicles. Due to extra head space, high cube containers can be used for transportation and storage and customized to be utilized as commercial spaces. Customers can pick from various high-cube container sizes depending on their needs.

Benefits of high cube containers over standard containers

  1. High-cube containers are suitable for loading and transporting high-volume cargo goods.
  2. The high ceilings of high cube containers allow customizing them by wiring, plumbing, and ventilating them. 
  3. High-cube containers have been converted commercially into houses, cafes, offices, and gyms.

Shipping containers dimensions: 40ft, 4ft, and 53ft containers

The 45 ft and 53 ft high cube containers have the same external width of 8’ and a height of 9’6”. The length differs as per their names, 45ft and 53 ft, respectively. While the 40 ft standard shipping container is 8’ wide, has a height of 8′ 6 ” and length of 40’. 53 ft container is a high cube container size and is unavailable as a standard shipping container size. The volume of a 40 ft standard container is 2,350 cu ft, of a 45 ft high cube container is 3,036 cu ft, while that of a 53 ft container is 3,884 cu ft.

Difference between 40ft,45ft, and 53ft shipping containers

  1. The 40 ft shipping containers are mainly used for intermodal cargo transportation. In contrast, although used in intermodal transit, the 45ft and  53ft shipping container is popular for storage and other commercial uses.
  2. All modes of transport, such as rail, road, sea and air, can easily transport the 40 ft standard containers and 45 ft high cube containers. While the 53 ft cargo containers are preferably transported via rails and roads and, in some cases, by the ocean. This is due to the additional length of 53ft containers.
  3. 45 ft and 53 ft high cube containers provide larger storage space and can carry multiple types of cargo in one go. Based on their size, 40ft shipping containers have comparatively lesser storage spaces.
Properties 40ft Standard Container 45ft High Cube Container 53ft High Cube Container
Max. cargo capacity 26,300kgs 27,700kgs 36,287kgs
No. of Pallets 23/24 Euro Pallets

20/21 Industrial Pallets

33 Euro Pallets

26 Industrial Pallets

33 Euro Pallets

30 Industrial Pallets

Volume  2,350 cu ft 3,036 cu ft 3,884 cu ft

High-cube containers
stand against standard shipping containers when transporting high-volume bulky cargo. High cube containers are primarily used for storing goods and as commercial spaces, and for transporting high-volume cargo. In contrast, standard shipping containers are widely used for cargo transportation globally. The difference between 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft shipping containers is, therefore, based on their usage in the shipping industry.

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