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Boost Your Career With MBA In Food And Agribusiness Management

Food and agriculture business is becoming an eye-catching choice for MBA aspirants. Getting a master degree in food and agribusiness management opens up numerous career opportunities for the learners. As the matter of fact, India is the ultimate source of agriculture and food around the world, it requires tremendous potential and expertise to handle the biggest sector of India. 

Food and agriculture management are not only related with the quality of the products but also the management of supply and demand of the same. 

If the food and agriculture industry is the one that interests you the most, then pursuing MBA in food and agribusiness is an opt choice for your career growth. What is incorporated in this type of marketing and management are agricultural products of animals and crops. Crop preservation, resource planning and farming are the domains that are covered in this course. Learners are benefited with enhanced knowledge about production along with learning of varied agricultural activities. To pursue the course in Food and Agriculture Management, aspirants need to choose the best business school.

Why Should Students Opt MBA in Food Business Management In India?

Agriculture is the most prominent pillar of the economy of India. Our country covers the second highest landmass with agriculture. The reason behind this astonishing fact is the enriched fertility of soil and dynamic weather conditions that make it the most suitable land to farm on. These aspects make us the top exporter of food and agriculture products. A major part of Indian civilians have dependency on agriculture for their source of income.

The policies in the farming and agriculture sector are made, followed and amended from time to time by the government for betterment of the economy. The authoritative government provides a good budget amount to invest in the latest tools and techniques for the ease of processes performed in farming.

Where Will You Stand After Pursuing MBA In Food Business Management?

MBA in the above mentioned domain will help you with a good package starting from 4 lakhs to 14 lakhs per annum. This package varies from college to college. For those who start their career as freshers, a 30,000 monthly salary can be expected. 

The areas that mba in food and agribusiness management covers are Supply Chain Management, Technology, Marketing, Procurement and Finance. 

Choices of Careers in MBA In Food and Agribusiness Management

Those who aspire to choose this type of MBA degree are widely welcomed with career opportunities like Accounting manager, Agricultural manager, Marketing analyst etc.

The selection in these roles goes through a crucial process as the government requires the professionals to know about the process and regulations that are executed while controlling and improving agricultural business of the country. The selected candidates for these roles are responsible for the updation of the economy at a huge scale. They are chosen by NGOs as well as the government. The institutes provide them certificates also after the completion of the course. 

Following are the career prospects-

  • Agricultural Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Operation Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Bioterrorism Consultant
  • Business Manager
  • Alternative Energy Consultant
  • Business Manager
  • Rural Manager
  • Planning
  • Commercial Executive
  • Investment Analyst
  • Sales Representative
  • Relationship Manager

Which Firms Hire MBA in Food Business Management Degree Holder?

Agricultural business is inter-connected with every industry in the market. It is demanding and handled by both public and private sectors. Here is the list of some firms and industries that offer employment in this sort of MBA-

FMCG Companies


Export and import firms

Food production firms

Tea/Coffee farming gardens

Why Choose MBA in Food Business Management?

Prestige University offers you a sound environment, renowned faculty and practical knowledge about the course with the help of the latest teaching techniques. Being the most popular career choice, we enjoy engaging our students into activities through which they know about farm machinery, seed supply, farm machinery etc.


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