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5 Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of RPO hiring

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) has been receiving greater attention in the recent past as being an effective recruitment strategy among various organizations present in Dubai. Outsourcing can be full or partial, meaning that while recruiting professionals, RPO gives tactical talent acquisition backing by contracting out the overall or segments of the recruitment cycle to a skilled service deliverer. There are several aspects which may have led to the increasing interest towards RPO hiring for all your recruitment needs.  

1. Reduced Time-to-Hire

Employing RPO techniques can significantly reduce time-to-fill for various positions, which would be valuable to organizations that seek growth at a faster pace. Recruitment Process Outsourcing partners provide committed trained recruiters and apply the most up to date HR technologies to progression which commonly prolong in-house hiring procedures. They apply various strategies such as regarding requirements, sourcing, screening, the assessment and scheduling of interviews and selection processes to enhance the speed of recruitment.  

Different studies show RPO hiring provides better results than traditional employment. In terms of time savings, RPO can bring value to companies in high growth mode to become that extra competitive factor in the war for talent. Hiring becomes less of a clerical task that managers have to do in between other tasks or at the same time as other tasks because it is strategic.

Furthermore, compared to internal teams, RPO providers frequently have access to a larger talent pool along with more advanced sourcing techniques. They can find and connect with possible candidates fast by utilizing their vast networks, and industry ties, as well as sophisticated candidate databases. With a wider audience, they can reach passive candidates who might not be actively looking for new opportunities but who might be excellent fits for available roles. RPO partners can shorten the time it takes to hire by increasing the number of qualified candidates they attract and using targeted recruitment marketing strategies.

2. Enhanced Quality of Hire

Apart from increasing the velocity of hiring, RPO also improves the effectiveness of the recruiting process by attracting professionals who are solely engaged in hiring. The RPO teams are very well aware of the industry standards that are applicable to activities such as workforce planning, candidate relationship management, recruitment marketing, and more. 

If they have good market knowledge, they are able to recruit highly qualified yet not very active job seekers. Sophisticated Human Resource technologies entail rigorous background check and rigorous screening. RPO consultants do not only focus on match in skills but also the match in terms of organizational culture in order to bring on board the best individuals. This leads to lesser turnovers among employees and in turn leads to improved levels of productivity.  

The metrics-driven approach of RPO can be summed around quality of hire, which is reflected in the KPIs. This enables tracking and contributes to ongoing enhancement regarding quality hiring, which is a difficult task for facilities’ internal teams amid their various other activities.

3. Lower Cost per Hire

Recruitment outsourcing directly contributes to the efficient utilisation of available resources hence proving cost effective compared to direct hiring through RPO qualified partners. By centralizing recruitment efforts in RPO, costs associated with employing large internal recruiting teams, competitive wages, and overhead expenses are eradicated.

Research shows that RPO can help firms reduce the average cost of hire by 60% over three to five years. Other large cost drivers such as job boards, promotion of jobs, recruitment marketing, Human Resource Information System are centrally controlled and financially optimized by the RPO group. Product expertise also enables their market to be negotiated in such a way that the prices offered are as low as possible.

4. Flexible and Scalable Recruiting

It is to be noted that with the growth of business or with modifications in the need of the business hiring demand varies dynamically. It is very costly for organizations to ensure they have sufficient internal human resource capacity to be able to accommodate such high levels of requisition demands. RPO offers immense degree of flexibility to manage talent acquisition either upswing or down swing effectively. 

With respect to hiring volume requirements, necessary RPO resources, as well as tools and solutions can be provided to mitigate sudden increases in recruitment volumes in the future. This helps in avoiding having to redesign whole human resource departments on a regular basis. These models put flexibility in the centre and enable businesses to have the best hiring support possible while sparing their scarce budget.

5. Access to Superior Technologies

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant advantages of RPO is an opportunity to utilize the most progressive recruitment instruments and solutions without investing a lot of money. Industry leaders that engage RPO solutions leverage modern innovative advances such as AI, automation, and big data among others in their recruitment processes.

This escalates impacts on results regarding process optimization, time optimization, quality of hire, and decision making. While working with in-house teams, problem solvers may not have enough capital or knowledge to find and adopt such complex tools, as well as manage them. Through these, RPO offering provides expertise for those technology adoption headaches that can be dealt with by their team.

For example, intelligent chatbots can perform preliminary assessments and/or interviews. It assists in passive candidate sourcing by providing accurate predictions for employment opportunities. There are no more manual attempts when it comes to job board posting using automated tools. They are the kind of technologies that are setting high standards for recruitment excellence.


The benefits of RPO services are incredibly compelling compared to in-house recruiting for organizations gearing up to create a strong talent pipeline as they continue to face talent scarcity. It enables organisations to leverage recruitment specialists from outside the organization through best practice augmented by recruitment technologies. This enhances quality recruitment at the right price, which makes it easier for organisations to pursue strategic business development even under talent scarcity. It is now clear that there are many great and obvious reasons to boost the RPO hype.


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