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12 Best Bedroom Remodel Ideas Los Angeles

Get to know how you can Remodel your Bedroom to make it a True Refuge from the World

Peaceful. Serene. Pain-relieving. Most people want their bedroom to feel like a true refuge from the world: a quiet place to rest and recharge. Getting a decent night’s sleep is easier said than done, but being aware of the energy in your bedroom will be the best place to start.

If relaxing and rejuvenating is the vibe you’re looking for in your own bedroom, you’ll want to take a few notes. You will find a number of  top tips by a few experts on how to turn your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation.

One of the most intimate, reassuring, and calming spaces in your home is your bedroom. You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so it’s important to keep it in the best possible condition. Over time, it can start to look worn, outdated, and in need of some repair.

Here are some quick and easy bedroom makeover ideas to revitalize your space without spending thousands of dollars on a complete bedroom makeover.

  1. Eliminate clutter

A quick way to refresh your bedroom without spending a fortune is to clean and tidy the room. Remove anything that has been stressing you out in the closet or looks out of place in the room. It’s time to give your bedroom a makeover, and what better way to do it than to get rid of all those trinkets and old papers that have been piling up for years?

  1. Remodel your bedroom by changing the bedding

Your bedroom bedding is one part that defines how your room feels when you go to relax at night. If you’ve been staring at the same comforter for years, it’s probably time to consider a replacement. So why not invest in new bedding?

Look for different prints, designs, and styles that fit your personality or your spouse’s. It’s easy to find an affordable and comfortable cover.

  1. Update the windows to makeover your bedroom

Although this is one of the most challenging bedroom makeover ideas, your bedroom windows probably need a little TLC. They draw in much-needed sunlight during the day to add that touch of natural comfort and provide the perfect environment at night.

Change up the window treatments with some new curtains, shades, and blinds, whatever type fits your budget and room design. They’ll appear to be brand new. Alternatively, to give your room a more comprehensive makeover, contact a skilled general contractor.

  1. Incorporate some natural elements into your bedroom design

Consider adding houseplants to your bedroom to add an eco-friendly bedroom makeover idea. It doesn’t have to become a jungle of standing plants and boxed plants on the windowsill. Just find some plants that are easy to maintain and will complement your bedroom decor.

You could have a plant stand up against the corner, near the window, for the right amount of sunlight. Then you can have another plant on the nightstand or on the windowsill, depending on your design.

Add that extra touch of the outdoors to your room without the need to worry about pests or caring for lots of indoor plants.

  1. In your bedroom renovation, use reused and recycled materials

There are plenty of inexpensive reclaimed materials out there, and they’re a great eco-friendly alternative to newer, more expensive bedroom decor. Use reclaimed wood to create headboards, nightstands, and chests in your bedroom.

There is also the possibility of finding reclaimed second-hand materials and turning them into wall decoration. If you need help creating some of these items, consult a carpenter who may know where to find the best-reclaimed materials.

  1. Repaint your walls in neutral tones

If your bedroom walls look particularly scratched, cracked, dated, or dull, it may be time to cover them with a fresh coat of paint. Most homeowners should probably go for neutral paint colors. This helps with simplicity, convenience, and selling your home down the road.

  1. Consider cream color

“For my own bedroom, I selected a creamy white color with a subtle hint of blue-grey for the walls and ceiling,” explains Mary Maydan, founder and lead designer of Maydan Architects.

“It created a very calm atmosphere. The artwork in the bedroom, which is a dark blue-gray color in different textures, also achieves the same calming effect.”

  1. Go low

Maydan recommends opting for a bed frame that is low to the ground rather than one that requires a stool to jump into bed. “My bed itself is low and very comfortable, with a wide upholstered bed frame around the mattress,” she explains. “It adds to the feeling  of comfort in the room”.

  1. Create a temperate environment

Reggie Bello, Director of  Housekeeping at Four Seasons Resort Orlando, recommends cooling the room with a fan or air conditioner and leaving a dim light on next to the bed to create ambiance. “An aromatherapy diffuser or white noise machine can also set the mood for sleep,” she notes.

  1. Position your bed correctly

“Position the bed as far away from the door as possible while still allowing you to keep an eye on the entrance to the room,” Sun suggests. “This allows a sense of security and protection while you rest.”

Try not to place your bed below the lower angle of a sloped ceiling or ceiling fan, Sun says. These features have “depressing” energy that will literally pull you down while you sleep.

Also, be sure to avoid placing your bed under a window because it lacks the token support and protection of a solid wall.

Headboards, especially those made of solid wood, are considered good feng shui because they provide the extra strength and support you need behind your head.

  1. Smoth lines and fluid curves

“When selecting the bedroom furniture, look for smooth lines and fluid curves,” Sun advises. “Square corners have sharp energy and can create a sharp environment.” Sun also added that the “poison arrows” formed by right angles are believed to direct negative energy.

  1. Minimize

Your bedroom should be a relaxing, contemplative, and intimate space. Exercise equipment, phones, and television emit and consume a lot of energy.

“The bedroom is a location where you may unwind after a long day. If you must make your bedroom do double duty, use a folding screen or hanging fabric to conceal them,” suggests Sun.

“If you’re not willing to get rid of your TV, put it away in a closet or cabinet so you can close the door while you sleep.”

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